Worrying about having less security because of a company-wide move to the cloud is understandable. It is natural for people to assume that a platform that gave them as much access as the cloud does would make it easier for hackers to get into their documents too. However, security on the cloud is the same as security anywhere else. Security is always a function of choices made by an organization. There really is no such thing as an inherently insecure platform, only a risky way of using a given platform. Simply finding the right way of using the cloud can help an organization get all the security they need. The benefits of cloud computing are too great to sacrifice to fear of cloud security. 

If there's any doubt as to the security of the cloud, it can be eradicated by noting that the U.S. federal government has made great strides in adoption over the past couple of years. So much so that they are now looking at ways to further increase their cloud security, according to Nextgov. Although it is easy to picture the government as technologically slow, it has made great gains in terms of movement to the cloud in recent years. Like the best cloud users in the private sector, U.S. agencies know that a private cloud solution is more customizable, and therefore more secure, in the long term.

How to secure the cloud
Fundamentally, keeping cloud servers from being attacked is about encryption, access control and visibility. It is important for a company to be able to view the information on their servers at all times in order to be aware of any changes made. At the same time, something more reliable than mere passwords should be used in order to control how people use the server. All information should be encrypted, so that anyone that does manage to find a way on tot he server, and is able to take something from it without being booted out will not know what they are taking. According to Information Week, planning for how to handle a breach may be the most important element of security.

There is no such thing as a fundamentally secure or insecure platform. The cloud should be used and protected and planned for as a part of a company's security system. With a solid understanding of how to make the cloud for them in place, a group can realize many benefits and have far better access to their information.