Nirvanix, which was once one of the top cloud service providers, has informed customers and its partners that it will shutdown its cloud at the end of the month, according to Information Age.

The company, which had built up important partnerships with companies such as IBM and which looked poised to be the top cloud service provider around, is now telling customers they have just two weeks to pull their data off of the Nirvanix cloud before it is shut down on September 30.

According to Aorta Cloud CEO Steve Ampleford, one of Nirvanix's partners, the company hasn't let him know what exactly would happen if the customer's data wasn't out by that date.

"Armageddon is about to happen," he told The Wall Street Journal.

Nirvanix hasn't commented on the situation yet, but signs point to the company falling short of the funding necessary to keep up with the big market players. As pointed to in The Wall Street Journal article, not having the funding to keep up with the latest in cloud technology and the cost of running its data center could have hurt the business.

According to Business Cloud News, Nirvanix seemed to be struggling. For one, it had changed CEOs five times in five years. Also, the company could provide competitive pricing to customers that rivaled other cloud service providers. Nirvanix's demise could also point to the problems with standalone-type clouds because they don't have other services that make them more valuable to the customer.

With Nirvanix shutdown, customers everywhere are now looking for new places to put their data quickly in order to get in before the shutdown date. One of those possible places is Peak, which offers enterprise IaaS cloud services that is useful for any business looking to move their data to the cloud.