Oxford Economics released a study that showed that two thirds of executives said that their cloud added significant value to their business results, reports MSPmentor. This expressed itself in four ways: production speed, help for the IT department, business expansion, and modernization. In these areas it is clear that the new cloud hosting services greatly affected these businesses' ability to grow and meet key goals throughout the past business year. Especially in the realm of providing direct line to increased revenue, these businesses said that the advantages of cloud computing were considerable.

There has been a big rise in cloud adoption rate  in the last couple of years, according to Dell. This is true throughout a wide variety of different industries, all of which have decided to work with the cloud for a variety of reasons. Private cloud hosting can help to create a strong communication environment that allows workers to swiftly speak to each other and customers at a speed that would otherwise be difficult to maintain without the constant uptime that a private cloud hosting service can provide. 

According to MSPmentor, 72 percent of the respondents said that their biggest benefit of cloud hosting services was the speed of operation and time to production that they gave to their business. The advantage of a truly mobile service and what it can do to provide information to a variety of people very quickly is incredible for companies that haven't modernized their IT systems. Even the simple act of having all of the data in one place is an incredible boon for groups that do a lot of collaborative work.  This segues easily into allowing businesses to expand more rapidly than they had previously been able, which can directly give a company that uses the private cloud a large operational advantage over the course of years as compared to a company that does not take advantage of the opportunities presented by it.

A deal that can't be turned down
Due to the increased rate of cloud adoption by companies in various different industries it begins to look less like an option and more like a requirement for groups that want to be able to thrive in the future. The sheer potential of a private cloud hosting provider is able to launch groups into new realms of scalability and profitability.