Most companies that invest in private cloud architecture do so for its combination of utility and security. While the benefits of cloud computing definitely are attractive, it is important not to lose sight of proper security protocols in addition to using a private cloud. Search Cloud Computing says that implementing different procedures for accessing data for a company's private cloud early on is very important for establishing a strong culture of cloud security. The utilization of private cloud resources is dependent on the establishment of a strong defensive perimeter, which is why it's important for businesses to understand the architecture of the private cloud.

Computer World reports that the public cloud has major deficiencies that prevent most companies from making full use of it. Primarily, these shortcomings have to do with non-customizable security and architecture. Private cloud hosting services add security to the benefits of cloud computing without losing any of the other advantages.

The private cloud is especially appealing to enterprises due to the vast storage space it offers. The amount of information that very large companies can be called on to process in a given business day is astounding, and the flexibility of a private cloud can create a strong incentive to begin using the service. By contracting out, enterprises reduce their overhead costs on running and maintaining servers while still having access to constant data and the scalability that comes from cloud computing. This can be very important when dealing with spikes in demand for online retailers.

Enterprise cloud clients frequently store data that can demand too much of a public cloud server. The amount of bandwidth that a very large company can use at a single time has the potential to max out data centers that are built to cater to a lot of smaller clients – this can price enterprise clients out of public cloud options all together.

Private cloud hosting as the best compromise
Many businesses are finding that, while there are elements of public cloud storage that are attractive, none have the combination of reliability and privacy that private cloud hosting has. Private cloud storage can, for example, prevent a company from feeling the effects of even fairly large denial of service attacks due to the incredible bulk and bandwidth that most contracted private servers have, which also enables them to field several thousand connecting users at once. As groups move to various cloud systems, the security-conscious choice is going to be the private cloud.