The enterprise cloud provides benefits to any company that chooses to undertake a migration. Though the actual shift from an in-house platform to the cloud can be intimidating, the ultimate advantages far outweigh any initial hurdles. Apparently this is a fact that small and medium sized businesses are increasingly accepting, since a new report states they are taking to the enterprise cloud in greater numbers.

Space for SMBs in the cloud
According to ZDNet, small businesses are starting to embrace the enterprise cloud more fully. In Australia, now, there is a particular boom in business cloud migrations, as reflected in an official Australian cloud computing report. The study found that the country's cloud computing market is poised to grow from the $884 million operation it was in 2012 to a $2.7 billion industry by 2017. The enormity of this growth is due at least in part to the many SMBs that are flocking to the cloud. As of May 2013, 44 percent of SMBs surveyed said they used a cloud service provider.

An example of a successful SMB in the cloud
Amanda Fisher is someone who knows firsthand the benefits of harnessing the cloud for better business, according to ZDNet. The CEO of an accounting company, Fisher found that occupying the cloud alleviated a lot of the burdensome work of being an accountant – such as filling out paperwork – and left her able to focus on what she loves most: Strategizing for better business.

"Businesses that have embraced cloud-based systems for bookkeeping have incredible access to their figures on a daily basis and there is no doubt this kind of real-time access to data enables better business management," she explained.

Accounting is not the only business sector where cloud computing proves beneficial. One is be hard-pressed to find an industry that would not grow from a cloud conversion.