The public cloud may have initiated the conversation regarding hosted solutions, but it has largely fallen behind private iterations when it comes to performance and security. Organizations that require more control and governance with their cloud-based assets have turned to high-performance enterprise cloud solutions. As these hosted tools continue to mature and demonstrate their ability to address enterprise-level concerns, they will likely become the standard deployment method for large companies.

InfoWorld contributor David Linthicum recently noted that enterprises have begun exercising more scrutiny when selecting a public cloud vendor. The most common complaints Linthicum has heard from enterprise users regarding their public cloud providers is a noticeable lack of proper security practices and diminishing returns on quality of service.

"Raising prices while reducing service is the fastest way to get an customer interested in the competition," Linthicum wrote. "I see more and more enterprises reevaluating their cloud providers for this very reason."

Linthicum noted that many cloud vendors have failed to keep pace with enterprise-level providers that match high-quality services and reliable delivery with cost-effective pricing plans. As such, company leaders will increasingly comb the market for a business partner that can better meet their needs.

The enterprise cloud has come a long way within a relatively short period of time. Speaking at the Compute Midwest conference, OpenStack co-founder Chris Kemp noted that at first glance, the cloud and enterprise operations would appear to be incompatible. Enterprise concerns such as locking down data access might seem to stand in stark contrast with the cloud's promise of greater resource availability, but the private cloud has largely answered these demands. As Forbes contributor Joe McKendrick explained, a well-constructed plan for enterprise cloud deployment will maintain data security best practices while providing the flexibility needed to maximize employee productivity. The private cloud's ability to juggle the various requirements of enterprise operations has made it a viable solution for large companies everywhere.