Many large organizations can make use of cloud computing software in order to deliver products more efficiently, but few think of the potential applications that the cloud has for entertainment. Not only does Hollywood and the gaming industry have much to gain from cloud enterprise applications, but there are many reasons why cloud computing might be just what they need to increase profitability. This adaptability should come as no surprise to those who have been following the development of the cloud platform for many different industries. Every field can be helped by a private or hybrid cloud host.

Groups have been using Platform-as-a-Service technology, but what is even more helpful for enterprise customers is Backend-as-a​-Service cloud setups, according to TechCrunch contributor Sravish Sridhar. This involves utilizing private or hybrid cloud hosts to provide a strong foundation on which a company can customize its servers. Organizations with many employees will doubtless have in-house applications they want to use and transfer to a cloud environment because they know the kind of workflow that their developers need in order to create satisfying products and provide strong services. Utilizing a cloud host that is able to work with organizations and let them design whatever kind of software they need on top of a backend is a powerful way to create a business system that simply works for employees.

Backend as a service for enterprise customers
The advantages of a private or hybrid cloud don't disappear when organizations use them with the BaaS model. The use of a backend that is provided by a phone company means that an organization can use their own software for mobile workers. When employees are able to use the same tools they would at home but are still in-tune with the workflow of the organization, a company can see an enormous improvement in efficiency. Plus, an organization that supports a remote workforce can afford to pick out talent that doesn't necessarily live next to its immediate offices, which allows it to get a broader swathe of the top talent in its field. When an organization can hire from the best, they get more done. Using mobile software that allows employees to telecommute help a company pick out the best talent and use it in their projects. Simply by expanding a company's search for hires the cloud can make substantial changes in how it operates.

It is for this reason that many entertainment groups may begin to use the enterprise cloud for their companies. Talent for voice actors, musicians, programmers, designers and other creatives can be difficult to find in the world. Flying people out to go over editing notes or to simply say a few lines into a microphone is not always a feasible option. However, getting pre-recorded lines of dialog or collaborating on an artistic project over a telecommuting system opens up a much more feasible vision of the future for this industry. Unburdened by the need for bridging physical space, entertainment companies can work with talent and technicians from a variety of regions. It would even be possible to get expert knowledge on various locations in order to create more authentic settings in media.

According to CloudTweaks contributor Francesco Venturini, a major advantage of this kind of system is its ability to get new products to market quickly. Utilizing an enterprise cloud system could enable those who distribute content to get information out there as soon as it needs to be. Netflix has already used this model to push out seasons of "Arrested Development" and "Orange is the New Black" all at once, with all of their episodes being accessible as soon as they were released. This allowed users to choose how they wanted to enjoy the content and make decisions about whether they wanted to watch the show in traditional once-a-week style, or by binge watching them.

Utilizing the cloud can take different forms for different industries, but its ability to allow organizations to increase efficiency through the use of an increasingly mobile workforce is an essential component of its strategy. Due to the many ways that this can directly impact the financial stability of an organization, the use of a cloud-based service is an excellent way for a company – including those in the entertainment industry – to achieve a superior market position.