Just like a good moving company can make the transition to a new house smooth and successful, a strong enterprise cloud  provider can help ease a company into the virtual sphere without undue anxiety and labor.

As cloud specialist Bryce Boland pointed out in a discussion with ZDNet, the enterprise migration to a cloud service provider does not have to be a stressful and challenging one. In fact, it can be quite easy and intuitive, but only if the migrating company selects a provider that is well suited to its business requirements. The great virtue of the enterprise cloud is that it is filled with providers that are built to consider individual needs. Unlike the public cloud, where navigating can be a challenging feat filled with uncertainty and speed bumps, the private cloud is a place that furnishes its users with the tools to succeed.

This kind of help will be increasingly necessary, since as cloud executive Mitch Kenfield will point out at an upcoming event, the world’s business terrain is becoming increasingly cloud-centric, Sys-Con Media reported. There will come a day in the not-too-distant-future when all companies occupy a cloud platform, and when that day comes, you’ll want to make sure that your company is attended to by a provider that cares.