Many companies continue their push for storing data in the cloud. Most do it for the cost-effectiveness of the solution, saving precious capital by getting rid of physical storage centers and moving everything to a cloud service provider. However, pitfalls remain when garnering the other possible benefits from the cloud. According to Channel Partners, a Forrester study found that although cloud adoption is widespread, companies are still struggling to find the true value of it.

The majority of businesses have already moved to an enterprise cloud and plenty are using multiple clouds. Companies are also moving other tasks to the cloud other than just storage.

"[A]fter testing the waters with simple tasks, IT and business organizations are now shifting advanced, business-critical applications and services from internal data centers to cloud platforms," the article stated.

However, enterprises are struggling to get other benefits from the cloud, such as better, easier-to-use resources for IT staff. But this is more the businesses' fault than the cloud's. Many parts of the infrastructure are on the network, which very few companies have changed since moving to the cloud. This means they can't get the most out of their cloud deployments.

Organizations must improve their network when moving to the cloud. It needs to be scalable and agile to handle all the necessary tasks.

Arriva find success in the cloud
Arriva Bus, a prominent public transportation company in the United Kingdom, recently switched to a cloud service to handle new demands of Web traffic on its website, reported Cloud​ Pro.

The company was facing a large spike in traffic on its site due to an influx of passengers looking for information about bus schedules and prices. Its old dedicated server network was struggling to keep up with these demands, so the company sought out other means to handle it. Arriva Bus saw its solution in the cloud.

Arriva Bus selected a private server and improved its infrastructure to better security. The business is now able to scale the cloud as needed during peak times to keep up with traffic. Arriva Bus is also able to add other resources to the cloud, which allows the company to deploy new applications and services in short bursts or over the long term.

"When designing the new website we knew it was important to use a suitable hosting platform that would take into account the current and anticipated requirements of the site," said Arriva UK Bus marketing manager Mike Woodhouse​, according to Cloud​ Pro.