The enterprise cloud is set to grow for small and medium sized businesses in the U.S. over the next few years, according to ZDNet. A study conducted found that by 2016 the SMB cloud will become a $32 billion industry nationally. That number represents nearly double of the $18.9 billion figure from last year. And it will make SMBs responsible for roughly 25 percent of the projected $125 billion value of the total cloud market in 2016.

SMBs are increasingly approaching the private cloud because it is much more than a storage platform, the study explained. "U.S. SMBs currently using cloud services are both shifting more software use to the cloud and upgrading free applications to premium paid accounts," the group behind the study reported.

The enterprise cloud offers myriad benefits to the companies that choose to make the change, according to Wired contributor Edwin Schouten. Chief among these benefits is greater agility. Before the business cloud, organizations found themselves tasked with cumbersome IT projects. But the cloud manages to expedite IT operations across the board while also improving quality of companies. And the mobility built into the enterprise cloud means that business can happen anytime, anywhere.