The enterprise cloud is quickly becoming the number one place to do business – even the former U.S. Transportation Department’s Chief Information Officer agrees. In a commentary piece for InformationWeek, Nitin Pradhan outlined the reasons the cloud presents unique options for videoconferencing – options that set it apart from people and businesses that aren’t in the cloud.

According to Pradhan, videoconferencing proved cumbersome during his tenure as the Transportation Department’s CIO. Because the organization hadn’t made a unified move to the cloud, they found it challenging to link up with people and organizations for video meetings. If desired participants didn’t have a compatible videoconferencing system, for instance, the call couldn’t happen. And even when the calls did go through, Pradhan noticed further weaknesses in the system. Panning the camera, for instance, made participants’ faces blur. But the narrow scope of the camera’s lens made it challenging for all the people in the room to be seen.

The enterprise cloud changes that, Pradhan said. Through desktop conferencing, businesses can introduce a system where each videoconference participant attends the meeting via his or her computer’s webcam. This affords every videoconference participant an equal presence in the conversation. It also gets rid of the inconvenience of booking a conference room with a camera and making sure everybody makes it.

For businesses, private cloud is a wise choice
When deciding which cloud to join, consider a private instead of public cloud service provider.  A private cloud enables you to enjoy all the benefits of cloud infrastructure – including more and cheaper space, mobility, and overall ease of use – without having to worry about the safety of your data. The enterprise cloud is extremely safe, with data sitting behind a wall of security. That privacy is one of the reasons the Social Security Administration is looking to build its presence in the private cloud, according to InformationWeek. On Jan. 14, the SSA put out a Request for Information announcing its intention to join the private cloud and expressing an interest in finding a cloud service provider that was prepared to meet its needs. Among other things, the SSA is requesting a cloud service with stringent security measures that will guarantee the safety of its data, according to the document. The SSA’s stated desire to “automate many processes currently done manually today” is a motivator shared by many businesses making a similar move.