As markets continue to become more competitive and saturated amid widespread economic improvements in North America and Europe, businesses have been forced to rethink their operational processes and management to become more efficient and unique. One of the most popular measures taken by firms of all sizes has been the deployment of enterprise-class cloud solutions.

The cloud comes with a variety of benefits to organizations of all kinds, though few advantages could compare to the increased agility and flexibility that are common with the solutions. Consumer and client preferences have evolved rapidly, and continue to do so going into the new year, and businesses can prepare for rapid market fluctuations by enhancing the elasticity of their IT capabilities.

As such, the market for Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions has expanded significantly, as the technology alleviates many of the costs associated with equipment purchases and maintenance.

IaaS today, in the future
GigaOM Research recently published a report that worked to discover some of the emerging trends in the IaaS market, and found that the services are growing more rapidly than other market segments such as Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service. This is not that surprising, as more companies work to develop the most unique and customized approach to IT management, using enterprise cloud computing to accomplish these feats.

According to the news provider, the global IaaS market is expected to grow by 122 percent in 2014, while SaaS will add another 119 percent expansion to the overall cloud industry's revenues. Because companies are beginning to demand IaaS in greater numbers, vendors have started to expand upon their offerings and become more competitive in terms of pricing and perks.

For example, the source stated that a significant price battle is underway in the IaaS game, and that vendors continue to leverage more advanced innovations to offer customers the lowest possible costs. There is no sign that competition will begin to falter any time soon, meaning that the IaaS industry will be a buyer's market in 2014.

GigaOM research noted that in the coming years, service-level agreements will likely be the focal point in terms of corporate purchasing behaviors.

IaaS in Europe
Frost and Sullivan recently examined Europe's IaaS market, and found that the most popular and demanded services are those that offer flexibility, scalability, local presence of data centers, security and interoperability with traditional IT frameworks. Although the public cloud was once the top choice of businesses that wanted to migrate systems into these environments affordably, enterprise-class IaaS is now becoming far more popular.

The biggest catalyst for this change has been the increased need to customize and secure computing environments amid increased risk of data breach. According to the research from Frost and Sullivan, the European IaaS market will grow alongside PaaS and SaaS, while private deployments will be more popular in the region.

Parties interested in reading the full report can purchase it through Frost and Sullivan's website.

As 2014 rapidly approaches, experts continue to keep their eyes on the evolution of these markets.