Given the numerous public and private cloud service options available to businesses today, it can be difficult for industry observers to determine which model has the upper hand in the current market. According to blog post by Jake Gardner on a cloud service provider’s site, IDC feels that the private enterprise cloud is becoming the king of the cloud landscape.

Private cloud providers offer dedicated infrastructure as a service, which keeps a business’s data secure and compliant with industry regulations, especially those that often deal with sensitive information, such as the healthcare or financial sectors. It also offers agility and flexibility comparable with what the public cloud provides but also gives consumers more control over their cloud services. These abilities give hosted private clouds a leg up on public cloud options in some circumstances.

“IDC anticipates that virtual private cloud will be the predominant operational model for companies wanting to take advantage of the speed and lower capital costs associated with cloud computing, while cloud service providers will welcome the move away from the expense of dedicated 1-to-1 physical systems for delivering their business process and data center outsourcing and other services,” Robert Mahowald, IDC’s research vice president, stated in a recent study.

According to ITProPortal contributor Antony Savvas, an IDG Research report found that many international companies are beginning their forays into the cloud through private cloud providers.

Fifty-four percent of companies that are using cloud services are doing so in the private cloud, IDG found. They are using these resources to give employees access to applications and data across departments. Eventually, the cloud will become integrated with legacy systems to provide the optimal workload of data storage and usage.

Companies that are looking to reap the benefits of the cloud should do so right away. Having knowledge and experience leveraging a cloud today will help an enterprise down the road when looking to expand further with the technology.