Making money coincides with almost any business's goals, and now there are more tools than ever to help them get there. According to a 2013 NSK Inc. survey, 82 percent of companies said they saved money by converting to cloud based services. Increased efficiency and access to data at the touch of a button have contributed to this money-saving era of the cloud. The saved time created with cloud computing benefits have allowed companies to focus on the points that really matter – running their businesses.

Time means money
Quickly meeting business demands is a key part of success for small and medium-sized businesses in particular. Cloud computing is an essential tool for this element of the business world. Employees can access data, applications, emails and other important resources in a matter of minutes. The collaboration and communication efficiency allows for business to be conducted smoothly. Cloud computing ensures SMBs never miss a business opportunity.

Use as needed
Cloud computing takes the guess work out of resource allocation. Sales and revenue fluctuate with changing seasons, holidays, days of the weeks – even changing on the hour. The elastic nature of the cloud allows SMBs to better manage their growth in a timely and efficient manner. The easy accessibility of data also allows businesses to see when these times of growth and decline happen. No longer will companies worry about over or under-spending. The elimination of this key stress factor will optimize all areas of the business.

With a low, monthly software fee, companies can store a huge capacity of information that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. This setup saves money in big ways. With cloud computing, companies are only paying for what they need, nothing more. Additionally, SMBs no longer have to waste money on maintaining hardware and IT resources that typically go unused. Think of all the maintenance of an in-house data center: You have the IT staff, use of electricity, repair costs and the need to back up information on multiple hardware devices. With cloud computing, not only does a company save money by avoiding these costs, but that extra money can be spent on more pressing areas of the business.

Cloud computing not only merges maintenance resources, but it also consolidates hardware to a remote location, freeing up physical space. Having more space in the office creates better organization and frees up money that would have been spent on expanding.