No matter which department your cubicle sits in, regardless of what window your office looks out through and despite where your position falls in the enterprise, you can convince your company to convert to the cloud. A recent survey compiling information from 1,000 interviews with IT decision-makers determined that 90 percent of respondents indicated that requests from divisions other than the IT department influenced the company's switch to the cloud. This statistic proves that any voice can make a difference.

For the company to be as excited as you are about a cloud conversion project, it helps to first get as many people as possible to agree with you. Long-time employees who are loyal to in-house infrastructure will probably show some skepticism. It's important, then, to highlight the benefits and dispel the fears. Follow these steps to get all levels of a company to commit to the cloud.

Select a model
There are three primary models for the cloud: private, public and hybrid cloud computing. Each offers its own benefits and caters to different types of businesses. While all forms of cloud computing are secure, private cloud computing (when only one specific company has access to it) will usually sit best with those who incorrectly perceive the cloud as a major security risk. The hybrid cloud strikes a balance between the public and private cloud computing, allowing companies to choose which information will be on a private cloud and which will be on a public one. Presenting these options to traditionalist in the office might help them feel safer with a sense of control.

Determine the needs of the company
There are so many advantages to cloud computing that a cloud conversion project can be personalized to any organization's needs. The flexibility of the cloud also allows companies to change how they use it. Consider starting out by using only a few applications in the cloud as a sort of test run for employees.

To best serve an organization, find out how your company would gain the most from the cloud. What benefits most appeal to everyone? Some of these advantages include increased productivity, more cost savings, better mobility, added unified communication capabilities and easier data access.

Show them the statistics
One way to convince everyone of the advantages of cloud computing is to show them the hard facts. According to the survey, 84 percent of respondents said cloud computing is either critical or very important to their company. Additionally, 85 percent said that the cloud has lived up to their expectations. The benefits of the cloud are evident, and they might not be realized until your company commits to it. Help get them to take the first step to a brighter future.