Enterprise infrastructure-as-a-service cloud solutions have emerged as a favorite among organizations due to the variety of features and benefits that they have to offer. As security and costs become priorities for businesses considering cloud services, IaaS has been able to meet expectations and drive additional perks to give companies a larger return on investment and a potential competitive advantage.

Upon integration, IaaS cloud services have made considerable changes to the processes of numerous organizations. According to a recent report by Tech Pro Research, 60 percent of respondents were either planning or had already implemented IaaS into their infrastructure, causing significant changes in the budget and expectations for additional advancements, ZDNet reported. The survey revealed that upon IaaS adoption, the staff count remained the same for the largest portion of the respondents – 34 percent – while others retrained their personnel and reallocated them to other areas for better business value and increased efficiency.

Many organizations worry about the total cost of operation when setting up their IaaS cloud, but there are ways to reduce expenses without making cuts to the services. Cloud Pro noted that some providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing as well as tiered options, so doing research into the business's overall needs versus the costs for the necessary features will help ensure that the company is picking the right solution for its budget.

"For any organization, cutting costs often means doing your homework to ensure the best outcome and the best performance from your cloud, without going over budget," according to the source. "Without this preparation, your organization may get clobbered on cloud costs."

While the upfront operating costs can be daunting to adopters, the long-term benefits and ROI make IaaS a valuable tool for enterprises. By picking the right solution to fit the business's needs, the organization can ensure that it's provisioning employees with the best tools at an optimal price.