Managing a cloud platform can be difficult for organizations new to cloud computing. However, there are a few simple tips that, when followed, can allow an organization to greatly improve the function of its cloud. By doing just a few simple things, a company can greatly increase the amount of utility it gains from its new cloud deployment.

  • Find your gains
    Understanding exactly how your cloud can help you to grow is important. Are you trying to save money with your cloud or are you trying to optimize your business? Think carefully as you make improvements toward either of these objectives.
  • Utilize cloud management
    Understanding how your cloud servers can be helped a management platform is important for long-term growth. This is especially important for security. SSH Key Management, in particular, allows users to work with different machines, and is dependent on a strong cloud management system, according to Business 2 Community contributor Jay Chapel.
  • Train people alongside installing new infrastructure
    Companies don’t gain anything if they aren’t able get their workforce on board with new cloud developments. Be sure that your employees are able to keep up with your new cloud. Offer training courses and have part of IT assigned to help people navigate though the often tumultuous relationship that people have with new cloud computing options.
  • Stay safe
    A major issue that many people have with the cloud is not understanding how responsible they are for making it secure. A cloud is no more inherently insecure or secure than any other network. As such, it is up to the organization running the cloud to provide security. Installing encryption and other services on a cloud platform is an important way to keep information from being taken by criminals and other malicious actors.
  • Push departments together
    Especially in the cloud, organizational leaders and technology workers need to understand each other’s point of view in order for growth to happen. If you want your cloud to be a success, make sure that your IT department and business workers are on the same page about the purpose of the cloud in the company.

Enterprise cloud computing has the potential to dramatically increase the capabilities of the company. By utilizing the cloud to supercharge business, a company can grow dramatically and surge ahead of its competition. But in order to do so, the company must have a clear idea of why they want to use their cloud and how they want to use it.