Legal professionals have much to gain by going toward the cloud, according to Cloud Computing News. Although a recent survey found that the profession was split on the issue, David Linthicum said that the cloud offers key services for legal firms that are forward-thinking enough to put their data in the cloud. In order to reap the benefits of cloud computing, law firms must grasp how the cloud works. After all, loud computing benefits are potentially great even for firms of all sizes.

A recent report by Forbes found that cloud computing benefits are real for larger companies too, and that enterprises are picking up steam in terms of cloud adoption. The old methods of partitioned data don't have the same advantages as the security and mobility of using an IaaS service to keep a company's assets and information accessible to top​-level employees. Banks, for example, are finding that cloud servers are useful for cutting down on processing costs and allowing for online and offline transactions to work smoothly. Servers can be brought up for peak loads and then made to disappear after their utility has expired, making them much more valuable. A server that has to be constantly maintained is annoying and requires a lot of man hours to function, but a server that disappears when it isn't needed is useful.

The benefits of agility
Small businesses like most law firms can still benefit from being able to access client data from multiple stations, keeping their lawyers from being desk-bound. Much of a lawyer's job requires constant access to data that is nonetheless hard to keep track of, and difficult to organize. Cloud hosting benefits these practitioners by sorting their data and making it easy to carry, allowing them to refer to their notes on the fly, not drag themselves back to the office every time a major development in a client's case happens. With the cloud hosting benefits of mobility at hand, it would be very easy to sit with a client and go over any parts of his or her case.

Lawyers used to be bound by how much they could carry and pour over when they studied notes. Now they can carry an entire case with them, which should make them more effective.