A new study from Technology Business Research has found that a majority of enterprises are making some level of commitment to integrating cloud professional services into current operations. TBR's Spring 2014 Cloud Professional Services Customer Research report surveyed almost 800 end users across three continents about current and expected buying behaviors over the next year and customer adoption cycles.

TechZone contributor Steve Anderson noted that cloud professional services offer so much personalization and sub-classification that practically every firm from any sector can derive business value from them. Organizations utilizing cloud professional services can reduce the overall risk created by some endeavors and make business processes less complex, therefore increasing efficiency and giving an added boost to the bottom line.

The report found that 82 percent of enterprises had either already adopted cloud professional services or were in the process of doing so for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

"While public, private and hybrid cloud services drive significant investment in cloud, cloud professional services remain the most adopted cloud service, due to the complexity of environments requiring third-party involvement in the design, implementation and management of customer clouds," said TBR cloud analyst Cassandra Mooshian.

Budget, security top concerns
The study also noted that while enterprises would continue to seek out cloud professional services, the level of investment they would be willing to commit to would vary depending on changing economic and business conditions. The report went on to say that while budgeted spending for cloud components have contracted somewhat, this can be attributed to the fact that many organizations have already put a cloud infrastructure in place and therefore need less money for additional components.

One of the major concerns for companies looking to adopt cloud professional services is overall security, and in fact it was one of the biggest drivers for the implementation of cloud-based services.

"Because security continues to top the list of concerns related to adoption, managed and orchestration services are becoming increasingly popular as customers realize systems integrators have the expertise to navigate barriers and alleviate concerns regarding cloud adoption," Mooshian said.

Cost savings, additional security and increased productivity are all offered by the use of cloud professional services. As companies continue to see the benefits cloud computing and implementing cloud based services, adoption of these technologies will continue to grow.