The enterprise cloud opens up a world of opportunities for small and medium sized businesses that did not exist even five years ago. So widespread is the use of the enterprise cloud that solutions are always emerging for how to make an SMB migration to the cloud as quick, efficient and hassle-free as possible. Yet some small organizations are still reluctant to join the cloud, because they don't see how it will improve their enterprise. To answer that question, we've compiled some ways that migrating to a cloud service provider will concretely boost business – regardless of its size or type.

1. Greater mobility. All SMBs that join the cloud can expect a degree of mobility that they did not have in the past. For businesses that use a physical IT space, company operations must necessarily be contained to that area alone. This containment can prove inconvenient, particularly if the organization wants to expand and reach a broader audience. With the cloud, though, there are never any constraints. The business cloud can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, which is how cloud-bound SMBs are able to be worldwide enterprises while still operating on a small scale.

2. More storage space, faster business. Just like physical storage space, digital storage costs money too. But whereas a physical company IT platform can find themselves shelling out big bucks for storage, cloud storage is cheaper and more plentiful. This is one factor that contributes to the cloud's ability to speed up any business. But as industry expert Edwin Schouten points out, there are other ways the cloud makes companies progress faster. One of these is the simple speed of the cloud – the fact that a months-long analytics project can be reduced to a few weeks through the tools offered by a cloud service provider. The pace of the cloud can make previously dreaded IT projects go by like a breeze.

3. Cloud-based apps encourage cohesion across devices. Whether you're a farmer or a computer scientist, applications have the capacity to significantly optimize performance. According to Small Business Computing, the apps offered by a cloud service provider are appealing to businesses because they work across devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. In an age when a computer is not the only company computing device in circulation, this app transferability is vital to strengthening business operations. It allows an employee to start a project on her computer and continue working on it from her smartphone during the long subway commute home. But more than that, it encourages organizations to keep an eye on innovation.

4. It is the way of the future. According to a recent study, the cloud industry is projected to be worth $244 billion by 2017. The speed at which it is growing is due in no small part to businesses, which are flocking to the enterprise cloud in massive numbers. The cloud is not merely a space for storage – it is the place where work gets done.