As the cloud becomes synonymous with increased efficiency, business agility and data storage, healthcare organizations are finding more and more reason to migrate to off-premise computing and storage solutions. Increasing pressure to cut costs and consolidate and integrate data has led to healthcare providers across the globe looking for a simple and secure solution, while still being able to prioritize patient care. As a result, the industry is turning to the cloud.shutterstock_151014941.jpg

According to a recent study by MarketsandMarkets, the North American healthcare and life sciences cloud computing market will be worth $11.43 billion by 2020. Pretty hefty, huh? We credit this in part to the strides in telemedicine, as well as the near-ubiquitous implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, which has been a successful solution for storing and sharing medical records. Speaking of, patient records are home to massive amounts of data, and legacy systems are having difficulty keeping up. Cloud infrastructure is allowing care providers to create secure environments for the storage and analysis of said data, which proves a necessity in an industry that continues to research and implement new ways to improve patient care.

Faction believes that with greater agility comes better care. Faction’s virtual environment acts as a secure, highly available and high performing platform for healthcare applications, putting the onus on providing best-in-class care, versus mundane IT updates. As we begin to expect on-demand solutions for virtually everything in our lives, why not expect it from healthcare providers?

Faction serves as an excellent cloud solution for the healthcare industry. With HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act initiatives rightfully scrutinizing cloud security, Faction has solutions in place to mitigate potential threats to confidential health records. Security and performance are not even a question for us. It’s baked right into the way Faction solutions are engineered. What’s more, our flexible and customizable solutions allow for complete control over your cloud environment, ensuring that you are in the driver’s seat. Each Faction core bundle you deploy can be customized with additional compute, storage and IOPs, plus solutions for private cloud and disaster recovery. At Faction, we keep your patients’ data safe and secure, so you can focus on keeping them healthy – no compromises, no exceptions.

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