The question of whether the public or private cloud will win the battle over the enterprise environment has been burning for some time now. But it appears to many within the industry that the private cloud seems to have the upper hand. According to Network World's Brandon Butler, public cloud adoption appears to be plateauing, while many businesses are beginning to adopt the private enterprise cloud.

Recent surveys by 451 Research Group have found that those who control IT are no more likely to adopt a public cloud offering than they were a few months prior, according to Butler. Some have found that the options provided by public cloud service providers aren't as effective as they are advertised to be. Other companies have found it more prudent to invest in the private cloud, where they have more control over the platform.

"Cloud is harder than it looks," 451 Research Group chief analyst Eric Hanselman said at the recent Cloud Connect conference. "It's not just about getting the newest, fastest, shiniest thing; it's about finding a solution that fits."

The market for private enterprise IaaS appears to be growing at a significant rate as well. Channel Partners Online contributor Daniel Santa Cruz stated that recent trends have pointed to managed private cloud services growing by $66 million in revenues by 2018.

Research conducted by Technology Business Research found that cloud services grew by nearly 40 percent over the first quarter in 2013 from the same time in 2012. The biggest reason for this jump was cloud professional services, which grew by 30 percent. Other reasons for the increase included private cloud vendors forging new in-roads in different industries and the flexibility in the services offered to businesses.