The Infiniti Red Bull Formula One racing team is giving new meaning to the idea of speedy cloud computing. The team is known for employing innovative strategies to maintain its consistent record of victories. According to infolink, for instance, the team recently paired with a company that makes thermal cameras in order to be able to analyze car temperature data. It's this kind of forward-thinking strategy that has helped propel the team to four Formula One Championship wins in a row. In addition to thermal cameras, the team is placing its stock in another invaluable resource: the enterprise cloud.

Harnessing a cloud service provider to carry out better races
Proving that it's not just offices and governments that can benefit from cloud computing, the Red Bull team also found great use for the enterprise cloud. The team uses a private cloud system that enables it to visualize races before they happen. Using cutting-edge digital conceptual mapping technology and other analytic strategies, the team is able to harness the cloud to run 3D simulations that enable it to see how different races could play out, according to CIO Insight. According to Infinit​i Red Bull CIO Matt Cadieux, the team owes much of its success – and the fact that it has won the championship for the past four years – to its diligent pursuit of cloud computing strategies.

The Red Bull team is so encouraged by the benefits it's reaped in the cloud that it plans to pursue additional virtualization strategies that could help it put the data it accumulates from races to better use.

Myriad opportunities for every industry in the cloud
The story of the Infiniti Red Bull team illustrates the diverse range of applications that can be carried out via cloud computing. Fortunately for businesses across industrial sectors, the enterprise cloud is not tailored to one kind of company alone. In fact, the scalability, mobility and cost-effective strategy built into the cloud make it a tool that can maximize any kind of business.

The cloud will never eliminate the need for hard work. As Cadiuex pointed out, his team plans to work harder than ever in preparation for its next race. But what the cloud can do is work alongside businesses to get the most out of that hard work, and pave the way for more successful operations.