The rise of VAR cloud providers is a good thing, according to Matt Prigge on his Information Overload blog on Info World. Although middlemen can be seen as negative in many cases, those working to deliver an improved enterprise cloud can help save time, money and stress, facilitating fitting the product in where it needs to be within an organization. Over the next few years, he said these cloud resellers will have a huge, positive impact on the growth of enterprise-class cloud computing.

While the average company is likely using just a small amount of cloud services right now, Prigge said the expansion will be huge in the coming years, and services will play a bigger role in organizational success.

"Although using cloud services may deliver on the often-made promises of allowing enterprises to deploy services much more quickly and efficiently, the fact that these services will come from a wide range of providers will create a substantial integration and support challenge," Prigge wrote on his blog. "As a result, a real role is developing for companies that won't just resell, but also intelligently integrate disparate best-in-breed cloud services and deliver them as a single, supported service to their customers."

Not only does he believe these resellers will be successful, Prigge thinks resellers will be the force behind moving cloud computing forward. With the issue of trust as a big factor, as organizations do not tend to like larger providers, working with a smaller vendor may help build relationships and therefore trust in the enterprise cloud instead of having many businesses fear what it may bring them.

Trust has been mercurial at best in the cloud, as Redmond Magazine reported that a recent study from Information Technology and Innovation Foundation showed that U.S. security worries may lose cloud providers billions of dollars. The magazine itself surveyed readers and found that more than a third of enterprise cloud projects are on hold due to security concerns and 13 percent have been brought back in-house. With smaller resellers personally working with these organizations to bring them the enterprise cloud, there may be some trust gained back.

More customization with VARs
In addition to the level of trust that may return with VAR cloud providers, Prigge said these brokers may also be able to use customized offerings as a way to show customers that they are different and offer them something larger providers simply cannot. Working one-on-one with a customer should help drive adoption of the enterprise cloud.

"More than anything else, they'll provide the high-touch support that's necessary to make small and large business alike comfortable with using the cloud," he said. "In the end, although it may seem like going to the cloud might be the best way to cut out the middleman, I believe that most businesses will find a knowledgeable middleman to be a necessity for getting the most out of the cloud without being burned in the process."