The New Jersey-based snow removal company Xtreme Snow Pros is not one of those burgeoning tech companies that began in the cybersphere. Far from it, in fact. First of all, the organization was founded five years ago, when small businesses were not migrating to the enterprise cloud in the droves they are today.

And secondly, snow removal – at least on the surface – does not seem to be an especially technical operation. What use would the enterprise cloud have?

As it turns out, a lot.

Seasonal hiring prompts need for more efficient system
Before company founder Chris Marino made the switch to the cloud, heavy snowfall meant a difficult time – but not for the reason you may think. The difficulty did not, in fact, have anything to do with the snow removal itself. Instead, as ZDNet reports, the problem was in hiring.

The fact that Xtreme Snow Pros operates on a weather-reliant basis means that new staffing decisions have to be made all the time. Peak snow periods can require the services of between 40 and 70 workers – and all prospective employees must go through the traditional vetting process. The difference between a traditional company and Marino's is that he has to make hiring choices all the time. One season passes, another starts, and all of a sudden, there's a new need for workers.

"We're always looking for new individuals and this quickly became the biggest burden of the company when we were getting started," Marino said.

In the period before migrating to a cloud service provider, the task of deciding on potential hires fell on Marino's shoulders. And so, in addition to his many executive activities, Marino found himself shuffling through dozens of job applications. This work became a distraction from Marino's functions as owner, and he knew the system had to change. That is when he turned to the enterprise cloud.

The cloud is a viable solution to hiring processes
For Marino, moving the company's system for hiring to the cloud proved incredibly beneficial. Instead of paying a recruiter to do the job of sifting through prospects, Marino was able to automate the process simply through a cloud service provider.

Through the use of an enterprise cloud application specifically tailored toward corporate recruiting, Marino was able to take himself out of the burdensome process of organizing prospects. The automated program in the cloud performed the tasks of registering new applications and filtering them according to a set of criteria. When Marino finds himself short-staffed and in dire need of workers, he goes to his cloud platform where there's a running database of prospects.

Since the application did what was previously grunt work for him, Marino quickly found himself with more time to direct his energies elsewhere.

"It has given me far more time to focus on other things," he said. In addition, the cloud has succeeded in boosting the company's profile without Marino even having to do much. When the company promises that it is "empowered through technology," it means it.

"It's impressing people that we are an organized company, and we can come across as more professional," he said.