Living without the cloud is a thing of the past. According to Forbes contributor Sarah Chapman, the cloud so thoroughly pervades everyday life that it was almost impossible to live without it for a week. Within the cloud sector, the private enterprise cloud seems like it’s always expanding these days, and now the Social Security Administration wants to get in on the action. To that end, the SSA put out a release for information on Jan. 14 that stated its intention to find a cloud service provider capable of meeting its security needs. The release added that the SSA is looking for a means of making infrastructural work more expeditious – and it sees the solution in the cloud.

“SSA will integrate the desired software into VMware server virtualization infrastructures enabling us to better utilize the resources of these infrastructures and automate many processes currently done manually today,” the request stated.

With a shift to the private cloud, the SSA is hoping, among other things, to offer a self-service portal where users can independently access their information. With this and other requests, the SSA appears to want to build a user-friendly database where information can be accessed without administrative assistance. If implemented, the portal could be rather large, since the SSA currently houses around 20 petabytes of information on its internal system, according to FCW.

A cloud of benefits
The private cloud provides many uniquely distinguishing features that set it apart – especially if you’re a business seeking an enterprise cloud that guards all your privileged information. Industry experts say that the singularly secure space a private cloud provides is the reason the SSA is interested in joining one.

According to its release, the SSA will be evaluating prospective vendors and making a decision in the near future.