Public cloud prices may be dropping in an ongoing and competitive effort among various cloud service providers, but no matter how low the public cloud rates go, they will never be able to match the efficiency or security infrastructure of the enterprise cloud.

A new survey suggests that the majority of companies realize this and are acting accordingly. The survey – which was carried out by CTERA Networks – found that 63 percent of respondent businesses preferred the private cloud to public providers like Dropbox, CIOL reported.

Control over private cloud a primary reason for business migration
The security benefits of the enterprise cloud are clear. Unlike the public cloud – which as its name suggests exists in a public and inherently vulnerable sphere – the private cloud is equipped with the rigorous security infrastructure to defend the privacy needs of any business.

But although security is a clear advantage of the enterprise cloud, that may not explain why companies are taking to it in such big numbers. According to the survey, organizations find it particularly appealing because of the level of control it affords. Whereas users of a public cloud service provider are privy to that platform's rules and regulations, in the private cloud, the customer's word is gold. A business that migrates to an enterprise cloud platform can find solace in the fact that it will be able to tailor its cloud to the organization's needs, and to wield complete control over it. This power ends up paving the way for company innovations in the cloud. For instance, the survey revealed that 25 percent of businesses have been able to enact sync and share solutions in their cloud – an option the private cloud makes easy to attain.

So while public clouds may be racing to offer the lowest prices, the dash for business efficiency has already been won by the enterprise cloud.