Cloud and mobile testing company SOASTA released the findings of its 2014 Cloud Computing Survey this week, and discovered some interesting demographics of cloud users.

The study, conducted by Harris Poll, surveyed over 2,000 adults about the prevalence of the cloud in their everyday lives. The report found that 39 percent of Americans use the cloud, and of those, 86 percent believed use of the cloud improves the life of working Americans.

“Our latest research shows that the cloud is increasingly recognized as a vital, everyday technology used by consumers to make their lives easier,” said SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos in a statement.

When asked how using the cloud helped to improve their lives, 41 percent responded that it made file sharing easier. Eighteen percent said it made their job easier by increasing organization and the ability to keep track of things, and 14 percent said the cloud made it easier to collaborate with co-workers.

The cloud makes it simpler for businesses to provide employees with remote access to their work information whenever they need it, increasing productivity and mobility. Files can be easily shared through a cloud platform and can be viewed from any Internet-connected device. Co-workers can collaborate on projects together from anywhere, allowing for work to be done on the go.

Cloud offers increased data security
Forty-one percent of survey participants said the cloud made their lives easier by giving them peace of mind about their information, decreasing their worry about whether data was backed up. Another 22 percent responded that the cloud offered more security, allowing them to store important enterprise data somewhere other than their phones.

Employees storing business information on their mobile devices is a growing problem for companies, as mobile operating systems are not as secure as cloud networks and can be easily infiltrated by a malicious app or sneaky cybercriminal. Dedicated enterprise cloud solutions offer a more secure place to store data, while still allowing for easy accessibility.

The survey found that students were the most likely demographic to use the cloud, making up 55 percent of total users. It should be no surprise, then, that millennials also make up the largest segment of those using the cloud. Fifty-four percent of those ages 18 to 34 utilize the cloud everyday.

Companies looking to hire new graduates and employees of the Millennial generation would do well to have their business network supported with a cloud platform. Those beginning to enter the workforce are finding it increasingly possible to find work where they want it, and more modern companies offer systems and programs that younger employees are familiar with from their everyday lives.