The storyline for many companies throughout this decade will be the adoption of cloud computing and other mobile methods of doing business. Industries as varied as consulting, entertainment and air travel are utilizing the cloud in order to improve their businesses. The fundamental benefits of the cloud translate to every industry, but each company implements it in its own way. As an example, today we will examine some ways that the airline industry in particular can use the benefits of the cloud to make its internal and external processes faster.

Better customer service
One of the major problems that airlines have is customer service. Passengers need a lot of things from their flight companies – places to drop luggage off, labels to print and gates to board, just to name a few. With cloud computing, however, passengers can get a variety of these services from their phones. Cloud computing-based gatekeeping systems can automatically update mobile applications so that passengers do not need to walk up to front desks to get into their flights, greatly reducing the time they spend wandering around the front part of an airport. With this system in place, it is far easier for them to slide through to their terminal.

Keep resources accessible
Flying involves a lot of overhead investment in IT, as many other industries do. Cloud computing allows companies to outsource much of the heavy lifting of their processing power, according to Business Daily. Servers in the cloud are highly reliable and let airlines focus on tracking their planes and keeping them up in the air.

Track variables
Airlines are using cloud computing to track the maintenance of their aircraft. Of all of the things in an airline, probably the one you want in the most secure hands is equipment maintenance. That airlines feel comfortable using cloud computing to track how the various parts of their planes are maintained and kept safe speaks volumes about the reputability of the service. 

Companies that are interested in saving money in both the short term and the long term would do well to examine how they could use cloud computing to protect themselves and their equipment. With modern advances allowing them to easily and remotely keep track of a variety of variables, cloud based services are likely the future of most industries. Keeping information safe and secure can be easy in the cloud, which makes it a great fit for any business.