With many companies jumping to the cloud to gain the technology's benefits, some are left wondering what will happen to the traditional data center. TechRepublic contributor Scott Matteson felt that there is room for both and that the cloud will improve data center efficiencies.

Many experts feel the cloud will be a dominant force in computing in the near future. Recent stats show that 38 percent of businesses are already leveraging cloud services with another 29 percent looking to do so as well, according to cloud expert Gail Axelrod. As Matteson stated, companies will be hard pressed to ignore the technology.

IT News Online reported that Gartner experts feel that the cloud is a good way to assuage the computing and storage requirements of the data center. This will allow businesses to use their in-house resources for other things, giving those that leverage both a considerable advantage.

"In the end, the job of the data center – to provide access to that which people need to do their jobs – will remain intact as the cloud augments it rather than eliminates it," wrote Matteson. "Smart companies who (sic) engage the cloud will hedge their bets by implementing a blend of local and external resources where necessary and covering their bases accordingly."