The cloud is becoming a major utility not only for businesses, but for educators as well. The increasing popularity of the cloud can be linked to a few advantages that it offers different organizations, including its ability to provide mobile information and facilitate communication, and its track record in reliability and uptime. Although the cloud might have felt like a risky proposition for those who were not familiar with the technology when it first came out, it has more recently been adopted as a secure and safe method of storing information. Organizations in the business community have seen the security and safety of the cloud at work for other companies hand have decided to adopt it for themselves.

Education and business
The rise of mobile devices among the younger generation has lead to an increase in cloud technology adoption by universities and educators as a way to reach students on their own terms. According to CloudTweaks, 90 percent of high school seniors and college students see tablets as valuable educational tools, and six in ten prefer digital formats when reading books to paper texts. This kind of emphasis on mobile learning is an excellent tool for students to find strong ways of dealing with information management and higher​-level thinking by allowing them more instant access to the data they need.

Businesses are finding the benefits of cloud computing are worth the time it takes to migrate, due to the amazing opportunity the cloud presents in terms of creating a mobile, more collaborative workforce. By allowing for a stronger, team-focused paradigm, cloud software helps enterprises to focus on making solutions for problems that matter, today. The ability to transfer information between different workers regardless of location, time, or setting makes the integration of cloud computing into a business structure a highly profitable investment.

A global cloud
MSP Today's recent article on cloud adoption in different businesses has found that South American businesses are in the lead in terms of adopting cloud computing for their new businesses, with North American enterprises right behind them. Eighty-seven percent of those who have used the cloud would recommend it to their peers or colleagues. This kind of consensus means that the technology is definitely functioning as intended for its target audience, and it is exciting to see what further development the cloud will bring to those in education or business.