The widespread popularity of the cloud is leading to its adoption over all other types of IT. This is because the cloud is able to deliver in a wide variety of applications to multiple clients, many of which have vastly different needs and expectations for their service. Because there are various niches for the cloud to fill, it should come as no surprise that many organizations are unable to find exactly the right kind of service that fits their use-cases. Luckily, some types of offerings have a bit more flexibility than others. While the public cloud is perhaps the most well-known because of its use in the public sector, there are other options that involve less of a chance for users to be hacked, which are more suited for enterprise clients. One of these is the private cloud and cloud hosting, which offers opportunities for organizations to store data and see savings in their IT budget while having a much more secure cloud experience.

IaaS is so useful because it lets an organization outsource all of the major workings of a network – processing power, applications and everything else that would normally be a part of a company wide network. All of these things are instead hosted remotely on a server that can maintain all of the necessary files of a business, allowing users to log in from computers both in-office and out-of-office. this means that workers can sign in from home, on the road or wherever else it is most convenient for them to work. Because this kind of set up makes it very easy for employees to telecommute, it makes it more possible for collaboration for workers across different offices. This increase in communication can lead to great growth in individual employee productivity, enabling a company to get more done with less. It's no wonder that, according to Infosys, 81 percent of organizations are using or planning to use "mission-critical" apps on the cloud within two years.

Private clouds versus public clouds
The private (or enterprise) cloud is so useful for organizations because it can be hosted remotely while still being very secure. Because no other organization uses that specific cloud or server, it makes it much easier for a given company to host their materials there without the worry that they will be hacked. This can actually improve the security of an business when it comes to dealing with hackers, because strong cloud providers tend to invest much more of their budget in to security than the average company can. The gains made by outsourcing the costs of security along with all of the other elements of infrastructure that a company does when purchasing this kind of platform can make for an enormous decrease in IT spending. Workers who want to get a lot done without having to deal with the hassle of a bloated IT budget can simply use the private cloud and accomplish their aims easily. Even without going completely in to the cloud or cloud-based service, making use of cloud integrated Storage can help a company achieve strong goals, according to ZDNet.

Understanding where the future is headed is critical for remaining in a leadership position within any industry. Through the use of cloud computing, a company can more efficiently make decisions with better data. These often-critical increases in efficiency and productivity can be essential for developing powerful plans to take advantage of trends. For any organization that wants to get on top and stay there, the use of the private cloud and IaaS can be considered to be highly recommended.