Many organizations are interested in moving to the cloud because of the obvious advantages in mobility, scalability and storage that it provides. There may be no single cost-cutting element more likely to be used by an organization than a cloud drive, with its ability to save and hold a large variety of information it can make any group's data storage capabilities extremely powerful. However, the use of cloud storage drive isn't just to hold data, but to perform a variety of tasks, including business analytics and big data processing. In order to make sure that a large enterprise is capable of all of these things, i should make sure that it is working with the right kind of cloud. Some parts of the cloud are objectively less important for large businesses than those that can be offered by the private cloud, so being sure to work with a cloud platform that really works for a company is very important.

The private cloud versus the public cloud
It is important for an organization to know what they're getting when they partner to increase their storage capabilities. While many companies have partnered with other groups in order to get privately hosted cloud servers, some have been utilizing the public cloud. however, this may not make sense for larger companies because those cloud servers don't have a business model that works over a long period of time. According to InformationWeek, it is likely that unlimited free cloud storage space simply will not be able to provide the return on investment that organizations hope it will, which casts doubt on whether or not the industry as a whole can support unlimited storage for everyone.

Instead, large corporations should look to the use of a federated cloud network that can allow them to use multiple clouds, each designed to perform different tasks. Working with premium cloud partners can let an organization find exactly the right kind of tools build build different clouds that will work well with certain types of data. One cloud could be for archival storage of customer information or receipts, and another could be dedicated to utilizing big data analytics in order to find the future of the business. This type of splitting up the different jobs that clouds would do among several different options has the potential to give the cloud a lot more usability in the long term.

By creating a system that lets an organization meaningfully engage with its information on a variety of levels, a federated private cloud can let a company exercise much more power over its data. According to TechRepublic, the enterprise should utilize many different cloud services because their needs are incredible diverse. No one partner may be able to provide a company with exactly the kinds of services it needs for everything that it wants to do. Because working with many different partners is important for getting the most out of the cloud, it is unsurprising that many companies are using them in order to save money and move into the future of business.

Organizations interested in moving to the cloud should make sure to plan for the future. Working with a privately hosting premium cloud provider can set up an organization to get the best cloud based services possible. Security, useful applications, and a high level of support are what make good vendors great, and should be sought after when making the decision to move to the cloud. Once a business is cloud-run, it can perform much more effectively than it could previously, so converting soon and well is of paramount importance.