There is a difference between using something and mastering it. The difference between a child that has a bike and one that knows how to ride it after a series of scraped knees, bruises and yelps. But at the other side of that learning process is a sense of mastery and triumph, greater freedom of movement, and the exhilaration of moving forward at speeds that were completely unknown before. A company with cloud based services knows that it could, potentially, enjoy the flexibility that some others have with it, but they must embrace it in order to truly benefit. Once an organization is totally aware of how their cloud works and is able to change their business around it, then they will begin to experience major, rapid growth. 

As companies began embracing computers in the 1980s, we started understanding how data works. However, information was still siloed and difficult to control at that time. Without people around to make sure that a computer system worked, or without key programs running, it was impossible to get anything done, according to Forbes. IT in organizations now has the ability to lead by showing their businesses how to manage and control their own information. With this knowledge, it will be far easier for themselves and those that they work with to handle the logistics of handling information. Then, instead of focusing on how to use their information, the company can decide why, when and where to use it and be more effective with it.

Hybrid and private clouds
Private clouds allow companies to invest in a cloud deployment that gives them complete control over how their information is used. This can let them save data as they need it and deploy it as it becomes useful. An enthusiastic response to the cloud lets organizations deal with their long-term growth by allowing them to respond to dangers and risks more quickly. By using mobile information to make better decisions, and connecting workers to each other in easy to monitor ways, it becomes simpler to collaborate. Because communication and data transmission are the lifeblood of modern business, this will let companies become rapidly more efficient. 

Companies that are afraid to start using a cloud should remember back to when they learned to ride a bicycle. Running into a bush or a tree once or twice is a small price to pay for freedom.