There is no need to jump in all at once with new cloud security features. While the advent of cloud computing represent a new paradigm for many organizations, that doesn't mean that companies should worry about using every single element of cloud computing all at once. Organizations should instead feel free to slowly adopt cloud computing over time as a way to get used to the new systems. It will be easier to train workers in the use of the cloud when an organization takes it one step at a time, and there is no better way to do this than by adopting a hybrid cloud. When a business is able to master certain elements of the cloud before moving on to more advanced features, it will be able to make more informed decisions about how it wants to further implement the cloud. This will lead to stronger support from the company's workers.

According to Computerworld, the best way to start with cloud computing is with a small, private cloud and then expand up from there to see how the organization works with it. This is something that a cloud service provider should be able to handle. Getting someone to work with an organization to help train employees to use new cloud features and set it up can greatly assist in the process of working with the new equipment. Without having experts on site to work through the training process, it can be difficult to understand exactly how the cloud ought to be used. Once those experts are in place, however, it should be much easier for an organization to make quick use of the features of a hybrid or private cloud-based service.

Security is key for those adopting the cloud
One of the main considerations to make when working with the cloud is adhering to strong security practices. A recent report by NSS Labs found that businesses shouldn't outsource security that is necessary for critical applications and business functions, but that many cloud vendors can offer security supplements to help organizations that are making the transition. Security is always a delicate subject, and there are many ways that an organization can get it wrong and feel the effects for years afterward. However, working with security experts as an organization migrates to the cloud is an excellent way to keep it from feeling the effects of a poor decision down the line. By working with experts both within the company and outside of it, an organization can understand more precisely how it should manage security and its cloud assets together, and in that way come to a better decision in the long run.

As long as an organization is willing to iterate upon previous attempts when it moves on to cloud computing, it will find that it is able to make large gains over time. The use of private or hybrid cloud based services in order to create a secure operating environment for workers within the company is an excellent choice for most organizations. The cloud market will only continue to grow and there will continually be more and better ways for organizations to make use of cloud computing in order to cultivate efficiency. The question for most managers should not be whether or not to adopt, but when and how. By finding the right way to move toward the cloud, a company can guarantee long-term benefits and avoid having any potential problems that might come from a rushed adoption or vendor lock-in.