VMware launched a new datacenter in the UK this week as a tactic to continue its IaaS services in Europe, reports Computer Weekly. This is just another step in VMware's highly successful campaign to be a leader of server virtualization. It currently commands about 60 percent of the market share in this segment. It is easy to see why VMware is such a powerful company – its enhanced security features on its new NSX-competency channel program that were announced in June are popular, and its acquisition of AirWatch will make its focus on providing virtualization to enterprises easier. With so much of the IaaS industry headed in the direction of mobile management, it makes sense that VMware would expand its cloud based services to that market.

Cloud based services are important for companies to understand in the context of infrastucture-based providers like VMware. Although there are many benefits to migrating to cloud-based technology, not all cloud options are created equal. For larger technology companies and startups that are focused on cloud technology as a back-end operation, private cloud networks are superior in terms of security and ease of use. Economic Times lists supplementing existing applications with cloud technology, testing experimental products on cloud based services, and consolidating different data centers as good ways for cloud technology to make an impact for enterprise clients . These uses of the private cloud can save a lot of money while keeping data tightly controlled.

Keys to the private cloud
A good way for groups to decide on what kind of cloud service to use is to make a list of needs and benefits their company could expect from them. A business that uses a lot of mobile data management or that needs strong business analytics in order to deal with the rapidly-spiraling costs of growth would do well to work with VMware's IaaS service. This kind of platform can allow for easy usage of a variety of cloud based services like apps and access to moment-to-moment information reporting. Another enterprise may instead opt to use cloud infrastructure to run diagnostics and simulations in order to better forecast economic trends. Financial firms, for example, could run different simulations based off of stock market scenarios in order to understand the best ways to invest. Cloud based servers can allow for easy access to that kind of power.