The public and private cloud computing markets continue to diverge with a greater intensity, while organizations in many industries are likewise split in their selection behaviors. As decision-makers become more aware of the benefits that cloud computing offers, as well as the relevant security and privacy protection concerns, enterprise-class cloud solutions are becoming more ubiquitous. 

CIO Magazine recently listed several predictions for the cloud in 2014, asserting that the sector will be largely shaped by the increased demand for customized and secured applications that are usable on a variety of devices. While the source asserted that application workload, development and management will be major trends to watch next year, it also noted that 2014 will be a big test for the private cloud market. 

According to the news provider, companies that launched private cloud projects this year will need to become more analytical with the garnered data, and look to improve returns on investment through targeted strategies. A majority of corporate leaders are expected to spend more on IT-related investments in the new year, which has been evidenced by several studies, and the ways in which increased expenditures will impact cloud development are yet to be determined. 

The source noted that organizations will need to become more interested in the combination of end-user experience and IT department management responsibilities, working to strike a balance between the two for optimal working conditions.

Other trends will likely have an impact on cloud computing adoption rates and utilization behaviors in the coming year. For example, bring your own device continues to become a more widespread and transformative trend that demands enhanced access to data and systems, which the cloud can facilitate. Additionally, many firms are already leveraging the cloud to deploy big data strategies.