The enterprise cloud is coming to a point where the adoption rate is starting to catch up with the hype. CloudTech said a hybrid cloud solution can offer organizations both affordability and security by splitting the business process so the demand for a load will go evenly between the clouds. Over the past few years, this has become more important for organizations, the website said, as they will be able to get the security of the private cloud while being able to manage IT budgets and business demands.

"The hybrid cloud computing solution rightly fits into this space," the website stated. "Certain applications require more control on data management solutions, while other applications do not demand such a high level of protection. By integrating the public cloud with the private cloud, businesses get the flexibility to isolate sensitive data while still benefiting from the many advantages offered by the cloud."

Organizations still unsure as to what the hybrid cloud is should know that it is a combination of cloud models that will allow a business to better customize the enterprise cloud to its needs. CloudTech said it can help strike a balance between scalability, performance, agility and total cost of ownership. Some great benefits can be had from this model, including more flexibility.

Diversification of business needs
Having a hybrid cloud will allow different clouds to be used for unique ventures, thereby diversifying business needs and allowing companies to overcome security and business oversight challenges. Other great benefits include optimization of the costs of business-critical applications, better performance and overall enhancements of security.

"One of the main concerns of a public cloud is data integrity and security," CloudTech said. "Hybrid clouds offer extra security to your data. By keeping your data out of the public cloud, companies can add extra security to business processes. At the same time, applications can seamlessly work between different environments to reduce operational costs."

One report from an enterprise cloud provider found that nearly three fourths of their users were in the hybrid cloud, with 52 percent motivated by improved security, 42 percent better control and 37 percent increased reliability. Another recent report from InformationWeek found that the percentage of those using the enterprise cloud in any manner is growing, as 40 percent reported using it in 2013 compared with 33 percent in 2012. Report author Joe Masters Emison wrote that this suggests that more companies are building on hybrid cloud-like infrastructure.