The major benefit to the cloud is a deep delocalization and globalization of information. This is incredibly useful for organizations that want to be able to spread their business far. Although many organizations understand that they have much to gain from the cloud in terms of lowering costs, it is actually capable of much more than that. Simply utilizing elements of data that can be moved from computer to computer doesn't capture the true essence of cloud computing, and instead allows an organization to simply make sure its records are a little bit more effectively kept. Changing the workflow of a business is what good cloud computing does, and this is possible only when an organization really opens itself up to the possibilities of what the cloud can do and how it does it. The beauty of the options offered by the cloud comes from their ability to let a business be mobile without paying for the infrastructure that has traditionally been required of them. It is nothing short of the automobile revolution for data.

Because companies are now able to get all information they need anywhere, they do not need to be based in any specific location in order to do business there. A person who work with a business has access to the same data on their tablet as they do in Singapore or Spain, and their intel is always current. It is impossible to not have the right tools on hand in order to make a deal, because a group that is firmly within the cloud can use cloud accounting software to make sure that all of their workers are given constant access to the organization's data. The power of this technology is that someone can always have the right information necessary to make a given decision. According to The Guardian, one of the main benefits of cloud computing is that it continually brings up new capabilities for companies.

How many companies are using the cloud?
Is anyone being left behind by the cloud movement? Potentially, everyone is. According to a recent study by NetSuite,81 percent of U.S. businesses say that their use of cloud computing has given them an advantage over their competitors. This means that the vast majority of companies using the cloud are gaining an advantage over other organizations who are not utilizing the cloud, or are working with it less effectively. Although this picture is rosy, it cannot be true. Not every company can possibly be getting ahead at the same time. What separates those who are truly breaking new ground over most of their competitors and those who are not has to do with the time invested in creating something that lasts and really takes advantage of cloud computing technology. The use of the cloud becomes increasingly important when working in a field where adoption is becoming more common. Finding the way that your organization can best make use of data that has been freed from the desktop is a critical portion of moving to a cloud network.

Fundamentally, utilizing the cloud is about finding a cloud provider that can help you to make the best decision possible By developing strong systems that let an organization make the best of its day, it is possible to deal with the power inherent within cloud computing in a revolutionary way. It isn't about whether or not a company should use the cloud – it's about how they should use the cloud. Utilizing the best provider and the best cloud infrastructure is the way to make something spectacular.