Join NetApp EVP/Co-Founder, Dave Hitz, and PeakColo CEO/Founder Luke Norris at VMworld Spotlight Session Tuesday, August 28th at 10:30AM

Denver, CO – August 15, 2012 – PeakColo, a leading provider of enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with its VMware vCloud Powered® WhiteCloud Services® and technology solutions, announced today that its Founder/CEO, Luke Norris, will be joining NetApp’s EVP/Co-Founder, Dave Hitz, onstage for a VMworld Spotlight Session.

This Spotlight Session is titled “How to Transform Your Business with an Agile Data Infrastructure, Featuring Customer PeakColo and VMware”.

The session will be on Tuesday, August 28th from 10:30AM to 11:30AM. For more information on Session SS1011, please visit:

Additionally, Luke Norris and other PeakColo team members will be available for demonstrations and discussions on PeakColo’s vCloud Powered® and NetApp-based WhiteCloud Services® offerings in the NetApp booth (#34) on Tuesday, August 28thand Wednesday, August 29th.

Session SS1011 Abstract

IT departments are struggling to manage the scope, scale, and complexity of their infrastructures in today’s increasingly data-driven enterprises. A new design approach is needed: a converged, virtual storage infrastructure that combines powerful new clustering technologies for unlimited scalability and non-disruptive operations with the industry’s most comprehensive, yet elegantly simple data management software. This new paradigm will empower businesses to achieve efficiency and growth as well as address IT economics and rollout at scale.

Join Dave Hitz, EVP and co-founder if NetApp, as he introduces NetApp’s next generation storage platform. This agile data infrastructure – intelligent, immortal and infinite – lets you harness, not fear, the power of data for effective decision-making, innovation and competitive advantage.

Luke Norris, PeakColo CEO/Founder, will be discussing the design and implementation considerations for PeakColo’s rollout of the latest NetApp enterprise-class storage solutions. Further, he will be sharing with the audience the price and performance benefits realized by PeakColo’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service and VMware vCloud Powered® offerings and its broad, cloud-computing customer base.

About PeakColo – PeakColo provides fully redundant, enterprise-class white-label WhiteCloud Services® to its Distribution, Data Center, Service Provider, System Integrator and VAR channel partners. PeakColo is a Premier level VMware Service Provider Partner and one of the first to deliver VMware’s vCloud Director enabled solutions. PeakColo is a NetApp Gold Level Service Provider. It has three data centers in the Denver, Colorado area, one data center in Seattle, WA and one in the U.K. For more information, visit the PeakColo website at

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