Protect your most valuable asset with rapid, reliable data recovery.

Faction Hybrid Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (HDRaaS™) is a cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution for replicating and protecting on-premises VMware workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Major data loss can damage every area of your business. The right disaster recovery strategy eliminates that threat.

What is Hybrid Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (HDRaaS™)?

Faction’s HDRaaS ensures you can keep access to or recover critical business data and infrastructure even after cyber-attacks, hard drive failures, data destruction, or accidental human errors. It also protects against data loss due to natural disasters. The flexible solution combines the power of VMware Site Recovery with Faction Cloud Control Volumes and managed services including initial design, building, and implementing disaster recovery runbooks, data replication, non-disruptive testing, failover processes, and more.

Faction Hybrid DRaaS is your proactive solution to avoiding a data loss nightmare.

End-to-end management

From initial design and replication to testing and failover, Faction handles complex, behind-the-scenes details so your team can stay focused on the business.

Reduced costs

Limit capital expenditure by only paying for the external services you need, and only paying for data scaleout after failover.

Consistent toolset

By leveraging the existing functionality of Faction and AWS, HDRaaS eliminates the need to purchase and integrate an additional third-party disaster recovery tool.

Advanced reporting

HDRaaS includes built-in tools and reporting that, in the event of a disaster, enable you to track replication and recovery points against pre-determined objectives.

Scalable backend storage

HDRaaS leverages the cost-effective storage of Faction Cloud Control Volumes, enabling you to continue to scale your storage as needed during failover.

Efficient response time

Reduce the time and cost associated with data replication by using familiar, native tools like VMware VSR, VMware SRM, or array-based replication technologies.

How Hybrid Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service works.

VMs are replicated to the VMware Cloud on AWS environment using the native, and familiar VMware Site Recovery Manager solution.

Replicated VMs are stored in a native NFS datastore that is attached to the VMware Cloud on AWS environment. The NFS data store is backed by a Faction Cloud Control Volumes which allows you to scale your storage capacity separate from hyperconverged hosts in VMware Cloud on AWS.

Faction is connected to the VMware Cloud on AWS environment via a low latency, high throughput connection facilitated by Faction’s patented FIX connectivity.

During a disaster event, VMware SRM is used to spin up VMs into the VMware Cloud on AWS environment at the time of failover, hydrating the VMware Cloud on AWS hosts in AWS during this process.

Protect your data. Protect your business.

Faction Hybrid DRaaS (HDRaaS™) enables you to leverage existing tools like VMware Site Recovery and Cloud Control Volumes to protect your most valuable strategic asset.

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