Cloud Migration


Driven by the need for higher productivity and lower costs, enterprises are now moving their applications to the cloud. Business motivations that drive the desire to migrate to the cloud include application modernization, cost-savings, integrations with legacy apps or new third-party tools, and freeing up technical operations.

Once you've completed your cloud readiness assessment, it's time to migrate! Our team of experts will get you to the cloud while also reducing any disruptions to your business operations. Whether your target is hosted private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid mix, we can get you there. Moving your data can be risky, which is why our popular and proven approach to cloud migration has shown to simplify the process and save on costs and time.
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Benefits of working with Faction when migrating to the cloud:

  • Minimize risk of downtime
  • Seamless migration process
  • Migrate workloads from multiple sources, from on-premises, colocation, and other cloud providers
  • Move to the cloud quicker with our automated tools to assess compute, storage, and network requirements, ensuring you have a right-sized cloud ready to go
  • We offer a 100% sizing guarantee

There are numerous reasons clients are migrating to the cloud:

  • Increase productivity of team
  • Data center consolidation
  • Update business model using modern technology as part of a larger digital transformation program
  • Improve the bottom line by reducing costs

Working with Faction

Faction cloud experts can directly assist with the tools and processes to execute a seamless migration to the cloud, leveraging our experience, software, and cloud platform to perform a battle-hardened cloud migration that saves money, reduces risk, and gets the job done quickly.

Faction experts will:

  • Identify the applications and workloads
  • Plan the networking
  • Prepare the system and storage resources for the migration
  • Manage the cutover to eliminate downtime and guarantee success in your cloud transformation
  • Monitor and test the environment throughout the entire migration

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