Cloud Readiness Assessment


The Faction Cloud Readiness Assessment report delivers a 360° view of your applications, processes, infrastructure, and tools. Our cloud experts will identify key attributes of your applications to determine dependencies, scaling factors, network segmentation and traffic patterns, security and compliance controls. We'll also assess the current performance of your applications and any potential bottlenecks to implementation.

The primary function of the Cloud Readiness Assessment is to provide a thorough review of your existing IT environment and determine what needs to be done to move your workloads to the cloud and have a detailed project plan to accomplish just that.

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The Cloud Readiness Assessment is a Professional Services engagement that evaluates your workloads to determine if you're a candidate for cloud deployment. This assessment provides specific planning activities to facilitate the transformation to the cloud during the migration phase.

Typical objectives and benefits of the Cloud Readiness Assessment are:

  • Gain a progressive IT strategy and roadmap
  • Ensure you have a reliable and cost-effective approach
  • Transition into the cloud without disrupting your business
  • Have a detailed implementation plan for approved workloads and cloud services
  • Incorporate existing IT management processes, policies into cloud deployment
  • Identify the impact on existing IT services
  • Match required performance, security requirements, and uptime SLAs in the cloud
  • Improved scalability of business applications
  • Adaptable transformation with seamless integration for your team
  • Gain high levels of automation, provisioning, and deployment
  • Decreased complexity on infrastructure and resources
  • Having the right amount of resources, at the right place and the right time
  • Increased efficiency to focus on core competencies and business goals

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Working with Faction

The Faction Cloud Readiness Assessment was built to give clients the piece of mind that they are making the right decision when transitioning onto a Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service solution. Specifically, we will:

  • Pinpoint your exact network, storage, and compute requirements
  • Assess the impact of latency and data gravity on your application architecture
  • Help you design a scalable “waste-free” cloud environment from the best building blocks of private and public clouds
  • Help you achieve the lowest TCO on your investments
  • Provide a full inventory of the crucial aspects of your environment that can be used to plan a cloud migration

What comes after a Faction Cloud Assessment?

The Cloud Readiness Assessment contains all the information needed for Faction to develop a Cloud Roadmap Architecture. The Cloud Roadmap Architecture is a follow-on service where Faction explicitly plans a public, private, or hybrid cloud architecture and provides a full TCO assessment to compare options and determine if a cloud migration can save on current expenditures.

Our cloud engineers will help assess and analyze your readiness for moving to the cloud. We'll conduct an evaluation of how you do business, and identify workloads and processes that could best be improved through cloud computing.

We agnostically map your current state, which includes whatever mix of on-premises and public cloud you are using, and build a comprehensive analysis of how various options (on-premises, public cloud, private cloud, VMware Cloud on AWS) suit your business objectives, including budgetary goals.

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