Cloud Strategy


Accelerating a move to the cloud to effectively achieve IT and organizational goals starts with an adaptable, well-defined cloud strategy and design. Our cloud consultants work with you to finalize a cloud strategy that successfully transitions your organization into a private, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Faction will help you to assess your business objectives, interview key company stakeholders to help align their vision, and formulate a strategy for how to handle both your existing applications and forward-looking plans. Together we'll work to advance your technology vision by thinking years ahead.


A journey to the cloud means navigating pitfalls and uncovering opportunities. Plotting out a clear strategy is essential to preparing your organization for this change. In utilizing Faction's Cloud Strategy Services, we are here to help you:

  • Identify any challenges you might face, from regulatory compliance to internal integration to adoption barriers
  • Accelerate application delivery to gain competitive advantage
  • Define a roadmap for transformation and growth
  • Improved IT efficiency of infrastructure and team
  • Expand into new markets with increased capabilities
  • Increase the flexibility of your investment to optimize for best ROI
  • Reduce business risk with greater control and continuity of critical applications
  • Uncover unique opportunities you'll gain by utilizing the cloud, like cost and time savings
  • Understand and strategize the gains of cloud through the lenses of finance, risk, marketing, procurement, HR, etc.
  • Assess your applications for the cloud
  • Achieve a fast and successful cloud adoption
  • Drive cost savings, flexibility, security and compliance for mission‑critical applications
  • Be more agile and flexible
  • Disrupt business models

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Working with Faction

Faction is particularly adept at developing cloud strategies for customers that are interested in or have requirements related to:

  • VMware Cloud on AWS, where we were one of the first two service providers to be utilizing the platform, and where our deep storage and hybrid networking expertise is extra valuable
  • “Big Data” related to cloud - we have some of the most storage-centric clients and strongest vendor support in the industry
  • NetApp clients who have cloud requirements due to our strong vendor connection and expertise
  • Clients with significant hybrid or multi-cloud requirements, because our network expertise is extraordinarily valuable here

The Faction Advantage

  • Over 9 years building private and hybrid clouds
  • Invented hybrid and multi-cloud (US Patents #9,571,301 and #9,621,374)
  • One of the top Hosted Private Cloud providers in the United States
  • Sophisticated network and storage experience, including advanced AWS Direct Connect use cases
  • The first Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service provider

We Work How You Need

  • Tightly-scoped Not-To-Exceed (NTE) engagements
  • Flexible hourly with T&E Engagements
  • Retained services for “on-demand” engagements
  • Work with our Professional Services Practice Manager on your requirements
  • Standardized artifacts, configurable and customizable for your needs

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