Managed VMware Cloud on AWS


Faction is a VMware private, hybrid, and multi-cloud managed services provider. Our team of cloud specialists and engineers have been assisting customers with cloud strategy, architecture, assessments, migrations, and on-going managed cloud services for over 10 years. Servicing customer environments ranging from a few virtual machines, to a single client with resources spanning multiple Faction Cloud locations with over 30 terabytes of memory and 60 petabytes of storage.

If you’re looking for a fully Managed Cloud or simply looking to offload specific tasks - Faction can help!

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Managed Offering

With over 10 years of experience building, migrating and managing VMware cloud environments, Faction is one of VMware's largest cloud service providers and we have seen it and done it all.

  • We've faced the strangest technical problems
  • We've done weird migrations
  • We've uncovered the gotchas of VMware Cloud on AWS
  • We've built a cloud adjacent platform to support direct connect services and colocation
  • We've solved the data gravity problem

Partnered with VMware since 2009, we operate seven of our own VMware based Faction Cloud locations and we’re excited to now extend support for both our Professional and Managed Services capabilities and our Cloud Connected product portfolio to the NEW VMware Cloud on AWS service as an MSP partner. Our clients have the flexibility to choose either a fully managed cloud or select on a la carte basis which professional and managed services packages best fit their needs.

Faction - Diagram - VMC + Faction - v1-0


  • We’re your support system! Receive continuous support and guidance from our team of VMware engineers
  • 24x7 service and support from our NOC & SOC located in Denver, Colorado
  • Minimize impact to existing operational procedures
  • Avoid refactoring, replatforming, and rewriting applications
  • Improve agility, redundancy, and global scalability
  • Escape capital intensive hardware refresh cycles
  • Leverage existing VMware expertise in the cloud
  • Instantly access AWS Native Services
  • Unlimited east/west traffic between VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS Native Services
  • Maintain vCenter access in the cloud
  • Team of cloud strategists, architects and engineers to lean on

Use Cases

Datacenter Consolidation

Reduce the number of datacenter facilities or move away from managing datacenters and hardware altogether


Leverage the public cloud where it makes sense, while avoiding re-writing and re-platforming applications by keeping VMware for the core and critical applications.


Maintain operational consistency and have VMware vCenter in both your on-premises production environment and your DR environment within VMware Cloud on AWS


Avoid paying by the instance - Spin up as many VMs and hosts as you need within your cluster and easily address burst scenarios.

Managed Cloud Service Features

Our managed cloud solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS provide the ability to select the right mix of control, flexibility, and support for your business. Lean on our team of engineers to help provide cloud enablement and continuous managed services in the cloud.

Professional Services:

  • Cloud Assessments
  • Cloud Architecture Services
  • Migration Services
  • And more...

Managed Services:

  • Managed Network Service
  • Managed VPN Service
  • Managed Security Service
  • Managed Server OS/Patching/AV
  • Managed Backup
  • Managed DR
  • And more

Cloud Connected Services:

  • Cloud Control Volumes
  • Managed Direct Connect
  • Managed Cloud Connected Colocation

Technical Features

Location Availability:

SDDCs are available in:

  • AWS US-East-1 (N. Virginia)
  • AWS US-West-2 (Oregon)
  • Additional regions and availability zones coming soon


Delivery Model:

VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered as a service, including all hardware, software licensing, lifecycle management, and support. The service is sold on a per host basis, where each host in a hyperconverged framework include the network, storage, and compute resources. The service requires a minimum cluster size of four hosts.

Compute - vSphere:

  • vSphere hosts are delivered as a service, including all hardware, software licensing, provisioning, management, lifecycle management, and support.
  • VMware Clusters span between 4 to 32 hosts
  • Each SDDC can scale up to 10 Clusters for a maximum of 320 hosts per SDDC
  • HA is built into the platform through VMware Cloud on AWS's Host Remediation
  • Elastic DRS automatically adds or removes hosts based on demand policy triggers
  • Scale capacity at will by adding and removing hosts

Storage - vSAN:

  • vSAN is delivered as a service including all hardware, software licensing, provisioning, management, lifecycle management, host remediation, and support.
  • Each host includes 10.2TB of RAW capacity
  • All-flash NVMe architecture delivering blistering performance
  • VM level storage policy management
  • Storage performance QoS policy management

Network NSX

  • NSX is delivered as a service including all hardware, software licensing, provisioning, management, lifecycle management, and support.
  • Secure north and south firewalling capabilities with edge services gateway
  • Logical layer 2 networks
  • Layer 3 distributed routing capabilities between logical networks
  • IPsec VPN, L2VPN, and Direct Connect support for hybrid cloud connectivity to on-premises infrastructure



Faction provides 1st Call Support, Configuration and Management of your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.
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