Hybrid Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Solutions from Faction + VMware Cloud on AWS


Faction’s Hybrid Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (HDRaaS) with Site Recovery Manager reduces the costs of DR by 20-80%. HDRaaS makes it easier and more affordable to achieve lower RPO’s & RTO’s with pay-as-you-go rapid recovery into VMware Cloud on AWS. Relieving the burden of managing a DR environment, while providing near-limitless on-demand scalability within the AWS Global Infrastructure.




  • Replicate your on-premise workloads for recovery into VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Pay for what you use during DR events, starting at less than $34 per hour
  • No Secondary Data Centers or Infrastructure to Manage
  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to match your application SLA’s
  • vSphere Replication providing VM-centric replication without dependencies on a specific storage platform
  • Monitoring and Error Remediation
  • Replication RPO SLA Success or Failure Notifications
  • 24x7 Support from our NOC in Denver, Colorado

Our Process

Our disaster recovery service is rooted in a prescriptive approach that is flexible enough to accommodate even the most unique requirements.

We start by:

  1. Assessing your environment and aligning your workloads into the right Protection Group based on the application SLA - ensuring the RPO and RTO for each application tier.
  2. Then we help replicate your workloads to Faction + VMware Cloud on AWS using Site Recovery Manager.
  3. Next, we’ll build a runbook for your recovery operations in software with Recovery Plans in Site Recovery Manager, as well as a document with our detailed recovery procedures.
  4. Now that the warm standby is in place, we’ll schedule your first bi-annual DR test, executing on the runbook and ensuring your workloads power-up into VMware Cloud on AWS within your desired Recovery Time Objective.