Managed Backup as a Service


Faction's Virtual Machine Backup service uses leading software from Veeam, along with Faction's national backbone and 7 cloud locations to guarantee data integrity and availability. Protect your valuable data against human error, malware and ransomware, and other issues with our fully managed backup service. Faction manages the setup, configuration, and operation, while customers control the backup schedule and retention policies.

Clients receive access to a self-service portal to perform image and file restores. Pricing is based on the number of VMs/Hosts that are protected along with the landed storage consumed within Faction. The offering can be deployed locally, remotely, or in a dual-site configuration.
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  • Installation and Configuration of Service
  • All software licensing for protected VMs
  • All intra-site networking for Remote or Dual-Site configuration
  • Encryption at rest and in-flight
  • Monitoring and Remediation
  • 24x7 Support
  • Backup success or failure notifications
  • Veeam Enterprise Manager Self-Service Console for self-service

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Technical Features

3 Deployment Models Available

  • Local backup: backup to a different storage locally
  • Remote backup: backup to a remote site
  • Dual-site backup: backup locally with remote 2nd copy

Fully managed enterprise-grade backup hardware
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