Cloud Cost Control

With the cloud, Enterprises feel a sense of unpredictability when working with some cloud providers and managing costs.

Why Cloud Cost Control Matters:

Cloud cost management and control is a number one pain point for enterprises of all sizes. Organizations need to optimize the risk and cost of every application, and many are falling short.

Across the enterprise landscape, public cloud services are exploding and bringing new options for building dynamic cloud-based workloads. But with more and more services being added all the time, this is causing additional costs and a ton of confusion for those looking at public cloud application development.

Cloud's value proposition can be staggering. When implemented correctly, cloud technology drives business agility, improves service resiliency, reduces costs and promises to improve how IT departments respond to changing business requirements.

Why is this a challenge for organizations?

Cost transparency is imperative when moving to the cloud. When purchasing software, you typically understand when you sign a contract precisely what your costs are. With the cloud, there is a certain element of unpredictability when working with some cloud providers and managing costs.

Typically, clients want to know how to monitor and control resource consumption of cloud workloads to ensure cost transparency and to eliminate unexpected bills.

How do I solve this challenge?

There are a number of ways to minimize cloud cost variances and ensure cloud's value is realized within your budget, such as right-sizing, classifying workloads, and moving workloads.


Once you have selected your services, it's time to look at your remaining servers. These servers have to go into cloud instances, but do you know what size instance? Completing a "right-sizing" exercise will help to determine the proper size instance.

Classify Workloads

Once you have selected your services, look at your remaining servers, properly sized instances, now you look at classifying workloads. You'll want to verify if the workload is always running or has variable usage.

Other Cloud Cost Considerations

Peak times and compute demands also affect pricing. You can move workloads to and from areas where demands and prices are lower to cut additional costs.


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Who do I choose to help solve the problem?

Start your cloud transformation by beginning with a robust set of core features built into every Faction Cloud Bloc, which serves as the foundation for any Faction cloud deployment. A Cloud Bloc includes access to a dedicated VMware vCenter with Administrator privileges and a small pool of compute, storage, and networking resources, which can be expanded by adding incremental units at will for a predictable cost structure.

Faction is an expert at delivering rapid transitions, extremely non-disruptive migrations, and significant cost savings over both on-prem and pure public cloud. At the same time, our direct connect service, Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) is explicitly designed to immediately unlock the value of your migrated applications, by allowing you to immediately craft hybrid applications between the migrated applications and public cloud services. We enable this by ensuring clients don't need any specialized hardware, software, or expertise by offering our “out of the box” hybridized private clouds that can connect "as-is" into public cloud environments, easily and inexpensively.

Faction offers a variety of services to help organizations make a move to cloud and still stick with their budget!

Cloud Strategy Assessment

Our experts can help interview your stakeholders holistically, asking the right questions and ensuring you have considered all the factors to make your cloud migration successful, that your business objectives are well-understood and aligned across your organization, and that your tactical plan follows from your strategic objectives, and that your plan is achievable with the timing and budget available

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud experts can help architect your cloud presence, helping to design private, public, and hybrid- and multi-cloud environments that encompass all your application needs, and take into account your budget, integration requirements, technical operations, and future plans

Infrastructure Assessment

Complementary to our cloud architecture efforts, Faction can perform an infrastructure assessment, using automated tools to assess your compute, storage, and network requirements, ensuring you have a right-sized cloud ready to go. Faction backs this with a
100% sizing guarantee

Cloud Migration

Our team can directly assist with the tools and processes to execute a seamless migration to the cloud, leveraging our experience, software, and cloud platform to perform a battle-hardened cloud migration that saves money, reduces risk, and gets the job done quickly

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