Cloud Management

Managing cloud environments requires a particular skill set,
which can often be expensive or difficult to source internally.

Why This Matters:

The cloud offers on-demand access to resources and services, hosted in data centers managed by cloud providers. Effective management of these shared resources and services is one of the key requirements for successful cloud implementations. Organizations need to decide who will manage their cloud environment, the IT department or a third party?

Some benefits of outsourced cloud management are:

  • Better security and backups
  • Easier to scale
  • Little to no downtime
  • Fewer hardware costs
  • Less in-house staff, physical resources, and space needs
  • Company must stay current with the latest in software and hardware trends and security

Why is this a challenge for organizations?

There are several challenges for effective cloud management. The core challenge though is to ensure the availability and performance of your cloud applications. As enterprises are moving towards multi-cloud environments, which is known to be complex for internal teams to navigate, this also brings the added burden of management with the use of on-premises clouds, private and public clouds. Managing multi-cloud environments requires a particular skill set, which is often expensive or difficult to source internally.

How do I solve this challenge?

To resolve the cloud management challenge, it is imperative to have a cloud management platform. However, many organizations are already using a platform and still have issues, especially when it comes to hybrid or multi-cloud management.

To succeed, enterprise IT needs easy access to modern and reliable cloud resources while ensuring IT maintains control and enforces company policies. This is where a managed service provider (MSP) can add the most value. The MSP or the cloud provider - or a combination of both - assists to reduce complexity, determine and clarify your cloud strategy, locate your workloads in the most appropriate place, manage the infrastructure, and so on.


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Who do I choose to help solve the problem?

Faction, the leader in Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service, can control your cloud with advanced management. If you don't have the staff on-hand for operating an existing environment or need to borrow our expertise for a new one, we can strengthen your team and provide a Managed Cloud.

Our Managed Cloud Services take away the burden of having to build, secure, patch, and monitor your servers across Faction Cloud, bare metal, and AWS. Add in other services like Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Managed Security, and stay focused on what you do best.

With Faction Managed Cloud your systems are monitored by our engineers 24x7 to alert, respond to and remediate issues. By default we monitor typical system health such as CPU, Memory, Disk Capacity and IO, and Network Utilization and supply a portal and dashboard so you can easily view current and historical health across your environment.

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