Implementing Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Many organizations are concerned with how to properly manage
legacy infrastructure when implementing a cloud strategy.

Why This Matters:

Implementing a Hybrid or Multi-Cloud strategy is essential for today's business. The practices and processes that IT has traditionally relied upon are too slow and rigid for this digital era. Companies must re-examine and expand traditional rules, policies, and tools to bridge existing IT platforms with multiple public clouds.

To meet the ever-changing demands of clients and employees, organizations turn to the cloud for increased agility, scale, and elasticity. Failure to evolve may mean organizations risk future disruption not just to systems but the entire value chain.

Because organizations increasingly need to easily connect data and applications across on-premises, private cloud, or multiple public clouds, they need a platform that enables fast, secure access to data and applications across every cloud platform. As developers and business units continue to leverage an increasingly diverse set of clouds, the need to establish a multi-cloud strategy is becoming critical to data management.

Why is this a challenge for organizations?

Since today’s IT environments are now a mixture of legacy infrastructure and both public and private clouds, typically from multiple vendors, IT teams have an entirely new set of complexities. The challenge is now: how do we manage the things that are and will always be important, such as compliance, risk, cost control, and still have a sense of control over the management of my environment?

The new realities for organizations now include:

  • Multiple clouds can create new vulnerabilities, and with that sometimes new tools to maintain security and compliance
  • Your team needs to learn new processes and capabilities in cloud platforms to do their jobs
  • Lack of internal knowledge; many businesses are now lacking in-house cloud expertise
  • Complexity can slow down migration to the cloud, but in multi-cloud environments, slow translates to broken. Enterprise users want immediate availability and unlimited scalability from cloud-based services and will circumvent IT to source public clouds themselves if their needs are not met
  • Most companies think moving to the cloud equals cost savings, while that is often true - in some scenarios, there has been huge sticker shock. For example, it's a likely scenario that if unused resources remain active in a public cloud - you're going to get hit with a huge bill unnecessarily
  • When assessing a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, you need to consider application performance, especially with sensitive workloads
  • Lack of visibility is common, as not many cloud platforms can offer deep visibility without custom programming
  • For many cloud platforms, you lose control over your applications for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

How do I solve this challenge?

To address these operational challenges of the hybrid and multi-cloud reality, IT teams will need the ability to visualize resources, bring order, and manage performance across all environments. Only then will you enable your organization’s infrastructure to be used as a competitive advantage rather than as a risk.

Best practices to take into consideration before implementing a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy:

  • Proactively monitor cloud and infrastructure applications
  • Align IT resources with business demands
  • Identify infrastructure needs to improve application performance
  • Look into both on-premise and public cloud costs to make informed decisions
  • Research hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and services you may not be aware of
  • Prioritize automation to make migration less painful
  • Identify regulatory compliance issues before migrating

If you're struggling to manage a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, using a third-party to help you is crucial for a successful implementation and getting you on track.


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Who do I choose to help solve the problem?

Faction, the leader in Multi-Cloud Platform as a Service, is an expert at delivering rapid transitions, extremely non-disruptive migrations, and significant cost savings over both on-prem and pure public cloud. At the same time, our direct connect service, Faction Internetwork eXchange (FIX) is explicitly designed to immediately unlock the value of your migrated applications, by allowing you to immediately craft hybrid applications between the migrated applications and public cloud services. We enable this by ensuring clients don't need any specialized hardware, software, or expertise by offering our “out of the box” hybridized private clouds that can connect "as-is" into public cloud environments, easily and inexpensively.

Faction offers a variety of services to help organizations, evaluate, architect, plan and execute cloud migrations, and then operate their new environments.

Cloud Strategy Assessment

Our experts can help interview your stakeholders holistically, asking the right questions and ensuring you have considered all the factors to make your cloud migration successful, that your business objectives are well-understood and aligned across your organization, and that your tactical plan follows from your strategic objectives, and that your plan is achievable with the timing and budget available

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud experts can help architect your cloud presence, helping to design private, public, and hybrid- and multi-cloud environments that encompass all your application needs, and take into account your budget, integration requirements, technical operations, and future plans

Infrastructure Assessment

Complementary to our cloud architecture efforts, Faction can perform an infrastructure assessment, using automated tools to assess your compute, storage, and network requirements, ensuring you have a right-sized cloud ready to go. Faction backs this with a
100% sizing guarantee

Cloud Migration

Our team can directly assist with the tools and processes to execute a seamless migration to the cloud, leveraging our experience, software, and cloud platform to perform a battle-hardened cloud migration that saves money, reduces risk, and gets the job done quickly

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